Dark Carnival
Minecraft Server
Donation Rewards & Usage

$3.00 rewards full set of diamond armor and tools.
$5.00 rewards $5,000 IN GAME currency.
$15.00 rewards user status

E-MAIL chalemi@bigfoot.com with amount donated and in game username to verify donation then the rewards will be added within 24-48 hours max. (varries on proccessing time AND when admin is online)
User status allows access to /setwork and /work for teleporting, /fly on or off to fly and accesss to the marriage plug in. Marriage plug in allows you to set your gender and marry another user which gives the /marry home and /marry sethome to have a third tp spot sharred, /marry gift to give item in hand to partner, /marry tp to teleport to your partner, and more such as /marry love to abstruct their vision with hearts. Now Users get free teleports to other players. 

The funds recived will be used to cover server cost and if funds exceed needed amount they will be put towards increasing internet speed to reduce on server lag.​​​​​​​​​

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Admin User: Chalemi
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Link there.​​
Allow 24-48 hours for admin to recive funds and give rewards. use
​/tell kk_johnson 
to pm admin when online in minecraft for questions.​